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Electric LPR16™ MX

The brand new, designed and built in Australia Little Pro Rider™ electric bike is crazy amounts of fun and just like its little brother the LPR 12, is a great way for your child to learn the skills of riding motorcycles. The LPR 16 MX is a bigger bike than the LPR12, aimed for kids aged 5- 10 years. With a moto style twist throttle and foot-pegs, your child will enjoying the outdoors and dramatically progress their riding skills while having plenty of fun! Because its electric powered, it is reliable, low maintenance and cheap to run- only $0.03 per charge!

  • Only 16kg
  • Top speed 36km/h
  • Maximum rider weight 50kg, maximum rider height 140 cm
  • Some assembly required- 95% pre-assembled
  • Battery charger included


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"Apart from being one of the funnest bikes to ride, the LPR16 will improve your child's bike skills immensely"- LPR Bikes Australia

With near no noise, an LPR electric bike can give your child extra "seat time" as it can be ridden in backyards without the typical noise complaints a petrol bike will get. Weighing at only 16kg, kids can easily pick it up and manoeuvre it around a tight space, just like how they would a bicycle.

A parent speed limiter is easily adjusted with the twist of a knob, so you can start your child at slower speeds and then slowly increase the max speed as your child's skills increase, all the way up to 36km/h.

The brush-less DC motor is located in the rear wheel making for a smooth and quiet ride. Having no drive chain also eliminates a dangerous hazard. The LPR16™ MX features disc brakes with a short throw levers that are close to the bar for kids hands to reach easily. A durable powder-coated steel frame paired with black 36 spoke alloy wheels, quick adjust seat height, off road knobby tyres and suspension all make for a stylish and unique bike.


How long do you get out of a battery?

In our testing, run times are about 1 hour of riding per battery, however, differences in rider weight, terrain type, rider skill level and temperature can affect run times.

How long does the bike take to charge?

The battery takes 2 hrs to charge from empty. Just like a modern lithium powered smart phone or laptop, you do not need to completely discharge the battery before re-charging. Charge at any time during the full-empty cycle. You can also stop charging and go riding before the battery is completely charged. The battery management system (BMS) built into the bike, will automatically monitor the battery for voltage and cell balance. It will not allow overcharging or over discharging below the min/max voltage levels. You can even top it up between rides; an approximate guide, 20 mins of charging gives about 10 mins of riding time.

Are spare parts available?

Yes, we stock all spares, with most parts available on our website soon! If you need any other parts, just email us at info@lprbikes.com and we are more than happy to help with the required part.

Where can i get the bike serviced?

The bike is very simple in design and easy to service, the bike can be sent back to us for repairs and service(you will need to cover the cost of freight + service/repair), or alternatively your local e-bike or bicycle shop may be able to help out with repairs too.

How can i charge the bike when I am away from 240v power?

You can charge it from your car using a 240v inverter, the charger will draw 90w of power so we recommend a minimum 100w inverter. 

Is the bike easy to Build?

The bike comes 95% assembled with only the front wheel and handlebars to fit. The bike comes with a complete manual and assembly instructions. We do not supply tools with any of our bikes, although, you will only need basic tools such as metric hex keys and metric spanners to build the bike.


Data sheet

Seat height
550m - 620mm, quick adjust
Handlebar height
775mm - 800mm
Wheel base
16" , 36 spoke, alloy hub, double wall alloy rims. Rear wheel incorporates the drive motor
Threaded style 1 - 1/8 inch ball bearing headset
Package dimensions
107cm x 61cm x 18cm (bike 95%built)
Foot peg height
Overall dimensions
L 1235mm x H 820mm x W 550mm
Ground clearance
Nylon rubber pneumatic 16" x 2.4"
4000 mAh 37v Lithium
Brush-less D.C.
Run Time
1 hr**
Charge time
2 hrs
Top speed
Parents can set top speed variably from 18km/h - 36km/h
Foot pegs
Bonded rubber, steel shank 45° pivot spring return
Strong steel construction. Durable powder coated gloss finish
Suspension - front
30mm travel conventional telescopic forks
Suspension - rear
80mm travel single rear shock
Front brake
160mm disc
Rear brake
140mm disc