LPR Stands for Little Pro Rider

LPR Bikes is an Australian owned family business established in 2016 to create quality kids bikes that are unique and innovative. Nothing makes our company happier than getting kids riding and enjoying the outdoors!

In 2014, we purchased a Yamaha Pee Wee 50 for Christmas for our "moto mad' boy, who was 3 years old. He was ripping on a balance bike since he was 2, and by 2.5 years he was riding a 12" pedal bike with no training wheels. When he got the Pee Wee, he was beyond excited and was eager to ride just like his dad, but when he sat on the bike, he wasn't able to touch the ground with his feet it became apparent that the Pee Wee was just too big and heavy. Soon after, with my mechanical engineering and fitter/machinist background, I began tinkering in the garage to make a smaller, lighter weight bike that satisfied his hunger to ride. I decided to make it electric powered so it could be ridden in the backyard without annoying the neighbours with noise.

Within a few months, I had the first bike built and gave it to him for his fourth birthday present. On the day of his birthday party, the bike was a huge hit with all the kids. The bike performed great and it was amazing how all the kids could just get on it and ride it straight away! After discovering what a hit it was with relatives and friends, we went about refining the design to create a light weight electric bike that was perfect for others to enjoy the fun too! That is how Little Pro Rider Bikes were born!

With riding our electric bike, we watched in awe as our child developed skills in throttle control, braking, turning and balance all before he sat back on his Pee Wee. While he now loves heading to the track on his motorbike, he spends most of his riding time zipping around the backyard and tracks on his LPR Electric Bike with his little brother close behind!